Welcome! Scapehouse is a dialogue platform for groups, except you don't have to create or manage the groups yourself. Instead, Scapehouse automatically detects when you connect with a group of people who all know each other and creates a private space for each group to talk.

About the Project

Scapehouse is an experiment in both computational complexity and human interaction in social groups. Rather than having explicitly formed groups where people get added (often without their permission) or invited to join and they may not know everyone in that group, Scapehouse is based on the idea that the connections themselves between people might represent implicit "social spaces" that can be both more intimate and meaningful than groups where members are explicitly added.

What's the "computational complexity" part of this?

Good question! Groups where each member knows every other person in that group are called cliques. Figuring out the cliques present in a group becomes computationally challenging the bigger the group gets. Cliques are also dynamic; as people form new connections or break old ones, cliques change. Whenever any two people connect on Scapehouse, they are automatically placed in a group that represents the clique formed by their new connection and all the people they both know mutually.

This also involves a host of other challenges when it comes to managing the content that gets created within each clique as it mutates over time, and connections are made or broken.

About Me

My name's Ali. I'm a computer science postgrad student, and I like building tools that help bring people together.