Welcome! Scapehouse is a dialogue platform for groups, except you don't have to create or manage the groups yourself. Instead, Scapehouse automatically detects when you connect with a group of people who all know each other and creates a private space for each group to talk.

Community Guidelines

Much like nobody tells you what you can/cannot talk about when you're spending time in a public space with others, we'd like Scapehouse to be the same as much as possible, but not at the expense of other members. Should a member disrespect the public space by being rude or disruptive, they will be shown the door.

  1. Don't be hurtful.

    There's a difference between being critical and going out of your way to say things in a mean way that hurts others.

  2. Don't be hateful.

    Posts that attack or demean others because of their race, religion, or sex may be removed.

  3. Don't spam.

    Did you put your heart into making something and feel excited to share it with your local community? That's cool, so long as you're not going around and aggressively trying to push it on people. Advertising posts will be removed.

  4. Don't break the terms of use.

    Breaking any of the terms of use is grounds for account suspension and/or a permanent ban.